Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let's See What Follow Through Looks Like

Awhile back I tried joining a Book Blog book challenge. I was a complete failure. With that said, Here We Go Again. I could not resist this one. There was a choice of levels for this Reading Epistolary Books. I could check in at the lowest level. It means reading only four books.

Even I can read four books for a challenge. The concept really appeals. I have always loved reading books that had letters in them.  You can look at the challenge as well, there is even a chance you will want to join me in this challenge.  Take a chance and visit The Indextrious Reader. It is a terrific BookBlog even if you don't join this challenge.  I will let you know what books I select and how I feel about them.

Hope you will give it a chance. Be sure and leave a comment here and let us know what books you select. See ya' soon.

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