Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Who Knew There Could Be So Many Definitions of Love

It is February and Elizabeth O'Neal has sent out the email with our February Genealogy Blog Party. Writing Assignment. The topic is LOVE. Hmmm, where will I go with this. Happily she has offered suggestions and allowed us to make the definition of LOVE verrrry broad.  Two of her suggestion struck home with me and so here I am. I am going to combine two of her suggestions that, for me, work well together in telling my 'love story', love of helping others and love of a career.
Additionally there is another kind of love involved and we will come to that shortly. I first began my teaching career in Chicago in September of 1954. I taught at 5thgrade at Nettelhorst School for several years and then retired in December of 1956 to begin my family. In 1967 I returned to my profession. My three children and I all attended daily in the Glencoe, Illinois public schools. They were in elementary school and I joined the middle school staff teaching Social Studies and Language. It was a great place to teach and wonderful teachers as colleagues.

About a year later something new began to creep into the world of education. The idea of Learning Centers or Library Learning Centers. The library was not going to be a books only place. The concept of students working alone or in teams on particular project topics. They would use classroom resources and also come to look for additional materials. Teachers would work with the library staff to find new kinds of resources. Shortly opportunities to help teachers and/or librarians develop ways to implement this kind of learning environment. An age of looking at a new learning environment was just dawning. As we all know few areas change more slowly than schools. I found the idea exciting and started taking courses that could lead to my becoming more involved in the interactive learning environment.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

My Favorite Name - #52Ancestors2018

Now this is truly a challenge.  Not just a favorite but... the most favorite name. There are so many to choose from along the path of a lifetime. A Place, a person, an object. Wow, this is really harder than I thought. But I think I finally have it. You, dear reader, might not think of this as one name but allow me to do it my way this time. My favorite name has taken many shapes over the years, and I have been lucky enough to hear it in many forms. Are you trying to guess what it might be? Ok, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. My favorite name is MOTHER but not just the way you think of it. It can be a word, sometimes a word to identify a particular person in this way or to refer to another person. It can be represented in print or as a reference to a particular person. But it can also be a spoken, an identification, a name, when speaking TO a particular person. It is within that context that I label Mother (in its many forms) as my favorite name.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

My Definition of Longevity

This week the assignment was one word - longevity. I looked it up in Google. Google said or, I should say, Merriam-Webster online Dictionary defines longevity as "a long duration of individual life; length of life; long continuance : permanence, durability."  In this example I chose the "long continuance" definition.

Perhaps that appealed to me because of something I heard many years ago. You are alive as long as someone remembers you." I suppose writes about you counts as well.  Photos are good examples being 'introduced' to a family member by someone who did know them. I especially like the two examples I am sharing today. Two weddings, my brother, Michael, and his bride, Rochelle's wedding in 1963 andd at daughter Jody's (Larry)  wedding receptions in 1988. At each of these occasions we were fortunate to be able to have a four generation picture taken. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hopeful Genealogy Plan for 2018

Planning is good. Putting it in writing is good. Following through.. Ah, well, that is often another story. I think many of us have had this problem. Elizabeth's Blog Party for January is a great chance to think about and outline a plan for genealogy research and person growth for 2018. Thanks, Elizabeth.

A list of great possibilities is on the opening site page. You can see the list by clicking the link above. I was surprised at how many suggestions matched some fleeting thoughts I already had! This was a great way narrow down and create my own list of priorities for 2018. One Brick Wall had been solved right after the New Year (more on that at a later date)  so that was a greater impetus to do some serious new planning. My goals include continuing some things I began 2017 but there are a few new ones I really need to pay attention to and settle down and get some real work done.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Sally's Wedding Ring: A Bridge to Her Descendants

Over the years pieces of family jewelry moved from their original owners to me. I have loved having and wearing each and every piece. Several pieces changed in appearance over the years. Some changed by the original owner and some I have changed. All have gained meaning for new generations as I share its story. Each piece belonged to, and was worn by, a family member who preceded me. As I wear each piece I have chances to share, with my descendants, stories about their ancestors. Recently I joined the #52Ancestors 2018 Version sponsored by Amy Johnson Crow.  This story is the first as the writing challenge begins.