Monday, November 13, 2017

There is organization & then there is ORGANIZATION!

Yes, deciding to begin this mammoth project using Ben Sayer's system was the right choice. The only problem is that BEFORE you begin all previously collected records should be in an orderly fashion! BIG SHOCK!  I am not certain but I do think there is a chance that I am the Queen of the Duplicates! I thought I was doing well just collecting all the documents about each family. Not so.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Organization of Genealogy Materials May Take Many Forms

In April of this year  I wrote about A Different Kind of Brick Wall. I wrote my first thoughts about the problem of getting organized. I thought I was just writing about getting all my materials put together by families. I really had not thought through this whole process at all. Now that I am really thinking about it it is getting worse, not better.

Let me try to describe the thinking, exploring process which, by the way, is still ongoing. I started by Googling "digitally organizing genealogy data". There really is a LOT of good material out there. But not a lot fit into my pre-thinking and, though I had specified digital, still folders and paper based were included. As a part of the process I did see many interesting ideas.

As the result of one suggestion I created folder on my Pinterest page saving some of the good ideas for organizing that can be found on that excellent resource. I spent time going through many Pinterest pages but nothing really seemed right for me. Then I visted Cyndi's List-Organizing/filing section. Several good ideas were in that set of resources but My Ancestor Family File Folders and File Naming Convention developed by Ben Sayer really made an impression on me. AHA, a way to go.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

My Buby Mutter: Vechna Talmaciu Grinfeld

During my growing up years I do not remember any occasion when there was ever discussion of life in Romania., even though both sides of the family, Segall and Greenfield came from Romanian cities. I must admit that I do not remember my brothers or I ever asking any questions in order to learn more. Even with this lack of hearing the stories, without any details, I have learned some things through family memories, my genealogy research and older family pictures.  Using these resources I can draw a picture of an amazingly strong woman.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Who Would Have Guessed?

Hyde Park High School
I grew up on Chicago's south side in an area known as South Shore. I attended O'Keeffe Grammar School. After my nine years there I moved on to Hyde Park High School. Hyde Park was considered a very good community high school. Because of its location it was sometimes referred to as the "prep school for the University of Chicago." Hyde Park High School opened its doors in 1894 at Kimbark Avenue and 56th Street. That building later became the home of Ray Grammar School.  In 1914 the high school opened its doors in a new building at 6220 S. Stony Island Avenue. Today that building still stands. The community has changed and the school addresses the needs of a new audience of students. It now has another name. It is the Hyde Park Academy.  Over these many years it has had some famous alumni as well.You may even recognize the name of some of these folks: Steve Allen, Fred Beebe, Jim Fuchs, Amelia Earhart (1915), Gwendolyn Brooks (1934), Mel Torme (1944). But, for me, it is still the building where my mother and I each attended high school. That is the important element in this story. Sarah Ruth Segall also lived in an area of the south side that attended this same high school. She graduated from Hyde Park in 1926. Well, years went by as they always do. Sarah Ruth grew up and, along the way, became Sally Segall Greenfield, mother of a daughter and two sons.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Stamps of Our Lives

Many, if not all of our ancestors, lived through good times and bad times. Some suffered at the hands of enemies that wanted all of them gone. It seems wars have always been a part of man's need to conquer others. Drought, too much rain, freezing conditions have caused pain, destruction and death through the centuries. Some are fortunate enough to have diaries, letters, or newspapers from our ancestors' times. Others of us are not as fortunate.