Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Fannie Segall, A Strong Woman

"She is such a Strong Woman." That seems to be a phrase we use often today. But the meaning has changed over the years. It seems in some of the reading I have been doing since this topic came up there is almost a generational meaning. But for my purposes now, for this entry, I want to go back to what it must have meant to a young woman who came to this country, married and for most of her life, was a working wife and mother. We don't find that so uncommon now. But let's think about the early 1900s. Much of the work done by women was menial in nature, poor pay, terrible conditions, and often they were really children. Those were Strong Women who worked hard to survive.

Then there were another group many Strong Women of that period. Those women who may have traveled alone or with a friend or a cousin and came to America. I know little about my MGM's life before she came to this country. Her brother, Moritz, arrived in 1896. She arrived from Romania in 1905. I do not know how much English she spoke or how long it took her to become fluent. And because I was not smart enough to ask the right questions growing up and did not become interested in genealogy until I retired from my own working life, there is a lot of conjecture, but will share what I know and why I admire her greatly.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Where There's a Will (#52Ancestors)

Ah, once again it's all in the meaning....  When I looked at this week's topic I, of course, thought of a will left after the death of a family member. But then I suddenly thought of another definition, a definition that refers to a person's strength, strength to do things that some of us may never thought could happen. What must it have been like, in those long ago years, to collect your families, your belonging and to leave behind a life you had always known. Perhaps be the person that leaves first, to make the way and hope that others you love will follow. That is the meaning of 'Where there's a will' I'd like to write about... some of the amazing people who played a part in our becoming the people we are today.

In my family there is not a lot of information about the "why' of why my maternal grandparents came to this country. They each came from Romania but not in the same years. I don't even know if the knew each other before they met here. My mgm is an example of the many young women who left their homes, their parents, their siblings to start a new life in this country. My pgm brought her youngest child, my father, and youngest daughter to start a new life here in the USA. Before that she had sent her other daughter, Bertha at age 16, to pave the way. Leaving meant leaving her sisters as well as the graves of two daughters and her husband. These are just two of the millions of our ancestors, strong willed men and women, who risked all they head to start, they hoped, new and better lives for themselves and their children.
My PGM, Dad, and Aunt
My MGM and PGF

I am not sure I could ever had the
will or been as strong and brave
as they were.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Heirlooms Of The Future - License Plates? (#52Ancestors)

We are all familiar with the heirlooms that our ancestors have left behind. We are grateful for everyone of them. But what about our descendants. What will be leaving behind that our ancestors never even thought about? Perhaps someday there will be a state agency that will have collections of these artifact I have shown here? Where they will be able to find more information about the item where this heirloom was attached? What if someday, through a state agency... just like a census, you could learn what kinds of cars we all drove, how long we kept them and more. I very much doubt it will happen but I do want tickle your curiosity. Hope I have done so.True, I really do have more traditional heirlooms from the past but I'll save those for another ancestor or two in the weeks to come.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Who Knew There Could Be So Many Definitions of Love

It is February and Elizabeth O'Neal has sent out the email with our February Genealogy Blog Party. Writing Assignment. The topic is LOVE. Hmmm, where will I go with this. Happily she has offered suggestions and allowed us to make the definition of LOVE verrrry broad.  Two of her suggestion struck home with me and so here I am. I am going to combine two of her suggestions that, for me, work well together in telling my 'love story', love of helping others and love of a career.
Additionally there is another kind of love involved and we will come to that shortly. I first began my teaching career in Chicago in September of 1954. I taught at 5thgrade at Nettelhorst School for several years and then retired in December of 1956 to begin my family. In 1967 I returned to my profession. My three children and I all attended daily in the Glencoe, Illinois public schools. They were in elementary school and I joined the middle school staff teaching Social Studies and Language. It was a great place to teach and wonderful teachers as colleagues.

About a year later something new began to creep into the world of education. The idea of Learning Centers or Library Learning Centers. The library was not going to be a books only place. The concept of students working alone or in teams on particular project topics. They would use classroom resources and also come to look for additional materials. Teachers would work with the library staff to find new kinds of resources. Shortly opportunities to help teachers and/or librarians develop ways to implement this kind of learning environment. An age of looking at a new learning environment was just dawning. As we all know few areas change more slowly than schools. I found the idea exciting and started taking courses that could lead to my becoming more involved in the interactive learning environment.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

My Favorite Name - #52Ancestors2018

Now this is truly a challenge.  Not just a favorite but... the most favorite name. There are so many to choose from along the path of a lifetime. A Place, a person, an object. Wow, this is really harder than I thought. But I think I finally have it. You, dear reader, might not think of this as one name but allow me to do it my way this time. My favorite name has taken many shapes over the years, and I have been lucky enough to hear it in many forms. Are you trying to guess what it might be? Ok, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. My favorite name is MOTHER but not just the way you think of it. It can be a word, sometimes a word to identify a particular person in this way or to refer to another person. It can be represented in print or as a reference to a particular person. But it can also be a spoken, an identification, a name, when speaking TO a particular person. It is within that context that I label Mother (in its many forms) as my favorite name.