Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not quite making the break... but do I have to break with it all?

Last June I went to the National Educational Computing Conference in DC. It was wonderful to see old colleagues and talk about what they were doing. Loved walking around and seeing vendors who had become friends over the years. Going to the meeting of the Special Interest Group that had long been an important part of my professional life was a wake-up call. I was welcomed, included and loved being there with everyone.

But as I sat there and listened to the conversations and issues raised as the group worked on future plans I suddenly knew what I had been denying. This really wasn't my world anymore. I knew this would be my last NECC and wondered how I would find ways to connect with these friends of many years. And so I left DC saddened in some ways but with a new sense of moving forward in this whole, very long accomodation to what it means to be retired.

It is now about about six months or so later. I have thrown out more of the teaching materials that still sat in folders in file cabinets and on my computer. More professional books went to the 1/2 Price Books store and other places. This past week I have unsubscribed to some of the online technology groups whose mailings I have rereceived for more years than I care to admit.

But under it all the TechUser and TechEducator in me can't quite let go. In today's email the new of issue of Digital Learning Environment News arrived in my mailbox. I opened it to scroll down and unsubscribe. And it happened ---- I was hooked on several different sections. I love my Diigo group mailings that come each week. I eagerly open my ADE list mailings that come to see what these amazing folks are doing and get new ideas on best ways to use my Apple applications. So I guess it just all a part of moving forward but keeping the parts that still work in this new (well, not so new any more) world of retirement.

So here's my end thought for the day. Out with the old that just doesn't work anymore, Hold on to the old that still gives pleasure, memories and new ideas for what I am doing now and In with new - whatever it might be and whenever it arrives.

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