Thursday, January 20, 2011

Solving Life's Little Problems

Went on my usual AM email check this AM and Hummie's World Newsletter Issue #12 link caught my eye. She had a link to a blog/project I had not heard of before and so off went for a visit to  Project New 52 . I related to the coffee-making topic right away and also realized I had found a way to get my blogging time focused - once a week. Yeah! a way to get organized.

As Peppermint Granberg had, I also had a desire to solve a coffee problem in my house.  I am a decaf person and my other half only likes caffeine. We were throwing out a lot of real coffee and I was drinking instant. Not a happy time. A moment of wonder came when I first saw the Keurig single cup coffee maker.  We could each have the coffee we wanted!! Fresh each time!! Life would be great.  Coffee happiness has become a reality in our house.

They have so many choices.. They even have my favorite Orange flavored tea.  Morning coffee making is much more pleasant in our house these days.

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