Friday, April 15, 2011

The Cost of Gasoline

With the ups and downs I am reminded of playing with a yo-yo as a kid. I am really ready for $1.29/gal. gas... but, wait, I am not sure I even remember how long ago that was. I am trying, even, to remember how far back it was that someone else came up to pump the gas and clean the windows. NOW that I REALLY miss! I remember as a kid going with my younger brother and my dad to fill up the car. Wow, sometimes he even let us help fill up the tank. We didn't know at the time that we were preparing for our current life style. As you can see Mike and I started practicing at a very early age.

There are other things, I realize, that were also preparing us for today. Remember green stamps from S&H? Way ahead of their times, eh? Now we just collect points on our credit cards and, if lucky, find a goody to enjoy as a reward. I just keep searching to see is I can find Amazon Gift Cards to buy more great books for my Kindle. I do love that handy gadget that makes traveling with books such a pleasure.
Remember being taught about responsibility. If you borrow it is important to pay back. Never hurt anyone. Give to those in need. Remember the cans where you could put in a penny or two for a charity because you could help others; you gave more if you had more.

Well, I guess in today's strange environment on can only hope for more points, lower gas prices, and a government that recognizes the needs of the many and that those who have more are able to give more.

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